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Remember, the goal keeper is behind him , the player is NOT in an offside position. In the picture above, the player in the red circle is getting ready to pass the ball forward to one of his teammates.

Premier League Player Stats - Offsides

The player with the red arrow pointed at him is in an offside position. He is considered the second to last defender because he is the closer to his own goal line than any other player besides the goalkeeper. However, if the player in the red circle decided to pass it to a player with a blue arrow, than it would not be considered offside because both players with blue arrows are not past the final defender yellow arrow.

The player in the red circle is getting ready to pass the ball to the center of the box where the blue arrow is pointing. His goal is to have one of his own players hit the ball with their head in order to put the ball in the net. However, at the moment the ball is kicked, four players from the team in blue are all past the final defender the last defender is marked at the yellow line. If any of those players touch the ball, the play would be ruled offside. Login Sign Up. City Alliance. Orlando Pride Season Tickets.

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Column 1 Single Game Tickets. Column 1 Foundation. Appearance Requests. Column 1 A-Z Guide. Book an Event. Jon Moss gets it right, but what can you learn from this match incident? A case study. However, given the speed of the attack he was uncertain of the identity of the Liverpool player who kicked the ball. The deliberate pass is not the most clear hear, but this video got something I want to show you. PGMOL continues their statement. He also gives no advice about what to do.

After the talk with Eddie Smart, Moss is sure. There is no offside because of deliberate play by a Liverpool defender. That is why he awarded a penalty. It does not consider whether the ball ends up where a player may have wanted to kick it. This was clearly a miskick, but the ball ends somewhere else. The Laws of the Game add something.

The defender is a few metres outside of his own penalty area. A defender outside the box is not very close to the goal, so this is not a deliberate save.

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Correct call by Jon Moss. Also wrote another story about offside and the responsibility of the referee. If you look closely, there is no clear contact by the keeper on the striker and the striker gives one the impression that he is clearly diving in which case the decision should have been reversed and an striker should have received YC for stimulation and FK should have been awarded to defending team.

This is how we saw this offence plus the fact that the AR was caught on national TV giving a fist pump to himself when the decision was awarded, which smacks of something more sinister with this whole matter.

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We would appreciate your further comments on this and yes whilst we appreciate these incidents occurred some time back, they still form part of many of our group discussions. Kind regards.

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  4. Happy to read your analysis. Having another organization of former referees undermining that information undermines all referees. Good to know we agree, Tim. Some situations are difficult, but official interpretations help a lot. But situations like this will always remain difficult and if you ask a buch of refs, a lot will not call this a deliberate pass I guess. I strongly agree with the decision and am proud we are getting better each day with our refereeing career. With the Mexican situation, based on the PRO advice, I would agree with the officiating team that this was offside.

    Whilst the slow motion gives the impression that the play was more deliberate, in reality, at full speed, it seems like just a reflex action to me. What do you think? Hi all, In the video from Mexico we only see the slow motion replay. I can understand in real time, how the referees saw this as a deflection.

    The defender is moving and gets in the way of the ball more than he attempts to play it deliberately.